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Tea Category: Pu-erh

Tasting Notes: Bold, Aged, Earth

Region: Yunnan, China

Year: 2015

Serving: 3oz makes 21 servings. Leaves in each serving can be re-used multiple times.

There are two types of pu-erh: raw and ripe. Raw pu-erh is the tea that is fermented naturally over the years, while ripe pu-erh is fermented through an accelerated process called ‘wo dui’ (wet piling). ‘Palace’ is the name people use to classify premium pu-erh from low grade pu-erh. Therefore, this tea is named for its premium quality (Palace) and the fact that is it ripened during an accelerated process (Ripe).

Dark tea is one of the six tea categories and includes all fermented tea. Pu-erh is a type of dark tea, and the most well-known fermented tea. Only the tea produced in Yunnan province in China can be called pu-erh, which is why pu-erh tea is usually referred to as Yunnan Pu-erh. Even though all tea comes from the tea plant (camellia sinensis), there are different cultivars. Pu-erh is usually made from the leaves of very tall tea trees over thirty feet, while green tea is usually made from the buds and leaves of very short tea bushes of only four feet.

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