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Tea Category: Oolong

Tasting Notes: Floral, Sweet, Delicate

Region: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Year: 2017

Serving: 3oz makes 21 servings. Leaves in each serving can be re-used multiple times.

Oriental Beauty is believed to be the most popular Taiwanese oolong. Legend states that a British merchant presented the tea to Queen Victoria, and she highly praised the beautiful sweetness of the tea, naming it for years to follow, ‘Oriental Beauty’.

During the tea making process, farmers intentionally encourage insects to bite the leaves. The leaves produce more polyphenols, which calls for less insects biting, and the unique sweetness of the tea. Oriental Beauty is highly oxidized, similar to black tea which adds to the sweetness and leads to a fruit-forward taste. Due to its unique processing, Oriental Beauty can be steeped for an extensive amount of time without turning bitter.

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