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Tea Category: Green Tea

Tasting Notes: Calming, Blossom, Herbacious

Region: Fujian, China

Year: 2017

Serving: 3oz makes 21 servings. Leaves in each serving can be re-used multiple times. 

Tea leaves are very good at absorbing scents and flavors, so there are thousands of flavored or scented teas on the market. Unfortunately, most of those teas are scented or flavored by artificial flavoring agents including essential oil, flower petals and even fruit. Very few scented teas are scented by real flowers. The Chinese Jasmine tea, on the other hand, is scented by freshly picked jasmine flowers after the tea leaves are dried. The fresh blossom jasmine flowers are mixed with green tea to let the tea absorb the scent. The flowers are removed days later, and tea leaves are rolled to form the ‘pearl’ shape. Jasmine Pearl preserves the complex flavor of green tea, while adding aromatic fragrance.

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