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Tea Category: Oolong

Tasting Notes: Clover, Zucchini, Bouquet

Region: Anxi, China

Year: 2017

Serving: 3oz makes 21 servings. Leaves in each serving can be re-used multiple times. 

Iron Goddess is widely considered the most popular oolong tea in China. Its floral aroma and sweet flavor pleases people with all taste preferences. According to legend, a tea grower named Wei Yin was a diligent worker and a dedicated Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) believer. One night, Guan Yin came to Wei's dream and told him that there was a precious tea tree grown not far from his home. The next day, Wei went out, found the tree, and transplanted it to his iron pot. Because the tea tree was gifted by the goddess and planted in an iron pot, it is named, Iron Goddess.

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