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Tea Category: Green Tea

Tasting Note: Herbaceous, Seaweed, Roasted

Region: Hangzhou, China

Year: 2017

Serving: 3oz makes 27 servings. Leaves in each serving can be re-used multiple times. 

The most prestigious green tea in the world, Dragonwell is cultivated in Keqi's hometown, Hangzhou. According to legend, around the year 250, a monk came across a dragon hiding in a well. He told the villagers what he found, and they saw it as good luck, naming the well “Dragon’s Well”. It turned out the monk had actually only found swirling water in the well due to a storm. Later, the village near the well and the tea grown there were named Dragonwell.

Dragonwell gained its fame when the Chinese emperor, Qianlong, visited Hangzhou in the 1700s and fell in love with the tea. Since then, Dragonwell has become the most popular green tea in China.

The best quality Dragonwell is picked in March and early April. Dragonwell is pan-fried to prevent oxidation, so it has a flat shape and toasted taste.

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