I started Easthill Tea Co. in 2016 with the mission of bringing craft tea from East Asia to America. 

Growing up in a tea obsessed family in Hangzhou, China, a city known for its Dragonwell green tea, I was fortunate to have tried rare and high quality teas from all over East Asia. After coming to the U.S for college, I witnessed the growing appetite for specialty teas in America, and the lack of quality teas that existed. I graduated from college, moved to Chicago, and decided to make tea my full-time job.

I source our teas directly from friends in China, Taiwan and Japan, who are mostly second or third generation tea growers. I call my sourcing — Friendship Trade.

I believe in the importance of personal and trusted relationships with the growers.  For me, it is imperative that our teas come from people who are dedicated to and personally involved in making quality tea. I will never purchase from large tea corporations or importers who mass produce low quality teas on mega-sized farms, or use middlemen to buy from exploited tea farmers. 


Tea up,