Growing up as an avid tea drinker in China, I became friends with tea masters and growers across East Asia. When I decided to make tea a full-time job, I called my friends directly.

The quality of tea is almost entirely reliant on the tea growers and how they oversee the process. It is critical that I have trusted and close relationships to feel confident that the tea I source and bring to you, is carefully crafted. I feel fortunate to have friends who support my passion, and at the same time, that I am able to support their farms and teas on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I call this sourcing — Friendship Trade.

I go back to China, Taiwan and Japan at least twice a year to source, meet with new tea growers and learn their stories. As I continue to meet new growers and my circle of friends grows, I will continue to stand behind the specialty teas I bring to you.


Tea up,