Easthill Tea Tastings

Private tea tastings offered with our finest tea experts. Tea tastings are a perfect way to delve into the nuance of our tea selection, and are the only way to experience our premium level teas and the owner Keqi Meng’s own rare tea collection. An hour of uninterrupted, one-on-one attention, catered to your personal tastes, whether you want to learn more or simply relax over the finest tea in Chicago. At the end of the tasting, enjoy 15% off for any tea and teaware purchase.

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Easthill Tea Classes


Wake Up with Matcha  - Learn to drink, eat & prepare matcha

Saturday, June 22 | 10 - 11am

What better way to wake up on a Saturday! Our comprehensive matcha class will take learners and listeners from their first matcha latte through more traditional, ceremonial preparation. Learn the fundamentals of matcha and matcha prep from our resident tea expert Susie Xiong, whether you want to become the go-to matcha scholar of your friend group or simply understand why it tastes so freaking delicious. This class includes matcha drinks, hands-on practice, and artisanal matcha desserts. At the end of the class, enjoy 15% off for any tea and teaware purchase.

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Simple Mastery - How to steep tea properly

Date: TBD

Moving beyond your typical “Tea 101” class, our Simple Mastery class equips the tea enthusiast with all the necessary tools in order to elevate their tea drinking. Tea educator Ben Claus will explain and demonstrate the reasoning behind all common steeping instructions, and help participants gain confidence in their at-home brewing/serving. This class features hands-on practice with a variety of tea equipment and a wide spectrum of teas. At the end of the class, enjoy 15% off for any tea and teaware purchase.   

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